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We are Carbon Neutral!

We are delighted to announce that Sychem Surgical has become a Carbon Neutral Organisation!

We have been working with Carbon Neutral Britain to offset Sychem Surgical’s total Carbon emissions through internationally certified Carbon offsetting projects.

What does going Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon Neutral Britain says, “The increasing levels of Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Gases (CO²e) are the most significant cause of Global Warming on earth. Everything you do – what you buy, eat and where you go, adds to the amount of CO²e produced, adding to Global Warming.

By Offsetting your Carbon Footprint – with projects to remove CO²e from the atmosphere, you can balance out your emissions to become what is known as Carbon Neutral.”

This means that by Offsetting your Carbon Footprint, the balance of emissions will allow businesses to be considered Carbon Neutral or ‘green’.

Sychem Surgical Carbon Neutral Certificate

What does going Carbon Neutral mean for Sychem Surgical? 

Having achieved Carbon Neutral status, Sychem Surgical are incredibly excited for all of the doors that have been opened for us!

This means that Sychem Surgical Limited has met all Carbon Neutral Britain Certification™ standards in measuring, calculating and offsetting all organisational Carbon emissions from 2021, and is now a certified Carbon Neutral company.

Calculations are made following the ISO 14064-1:2018 and GHG Protocol Emissions Standards.

The Carbon Neutral Airflow Range

Sychem Surgical are also incredibly proud to announce that we have achieved Carbon Neutral status for our Airflow Range! 

The Sychem SurgicalFILL, Sychem SurgicalCHANGE & Sychem SurgicalWASTE machines have had their emissions usage calculated and offset, based on a ten-year lifetime usage.

How can a business go Carbon Neutral?

Carbon Neutral Britain funds Carbon Offsetting projects in Britain and across the globe, to reduce the amount of CO²e in the earth’s atmosphere.

They believe “planting trees are the most sustainable way to do this, as forest projects absorb CO², refract the earth’s heat as well as having a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity.”

Sychem Surgical and Carbon Neutral have worked together to Offset Sychem Surgical’s Carbon Footprint through several different projects.

What are some examples of Carbon Offsetting projects? 

Carbon Neutral Britain offers a variety of Carbon Offsetting projects, based within the UK and all around the world. 

They select their Carbon Offsetting projects based on their direct and indirect global impact. 

Carbon Neutral Britain ensures that the projects are certified to the highest standards through the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) and Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes.

They also look to fund projects in the developing world that help provides education, employment, clean water, energy and a positive impact on the local wildlife and ecology.

We would like to thank Carbon Neutral Britain for assisting Sychem Surgical in achieving Carbon Neutral business status. 

To find out more about Offsetting your Carbon footprint, please visit the Carbon Neutral Britain website.